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「宗達:創造の波」展における添え釜 “Sōtatsu: Making Waves”


同門会ワシントン地区は、フリーア/サックラー美術館の要請に応じ、俵屋宗達の作品を中心とする標題の展覧会(2015年10月24日 – 2016年1月31日)の折に添え釜を行ないました。同展は、門外不出の「松島図屏風」他日米欧所蔵作品を一堂に集めた画期的な展覧会です。宗達は、京都で扇面や料紙などを手掛ける絵画工房を営みながら、やがて独創的な画面構成や実験的な技法で注目を浴びるようになり、書画の合作を一緒に行なった書家、陶芸家、茶人の本阿弥光悦と共に「淋派」の祖と言われます。千少庵との交流などとも相俟って、茶の湯の発展にも裨益したことが想像できます。




Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

Domonkai DC had the honor of presenting tea for visitors at this first major exhibition outside Japan of the artwork of Tawaraya Sōtatsu (ca.1570‒ca.1640), featuring over 70 of his masterpieces brought in from collections in Europe, Japan, and the US, including the Freer Gallery’s Waves of Matsushima. Together with that of his frequent collaborator, calligrapher and ceramist Hon’ami Kōetsu, and others who followed, Sōtatsu’s unique designs later coalesced into what is now known as the Rinpa style. Sōtatsu is also credited with bringing courtly arts to the masses through his crafts and collaborations, with the way of tea a prime beneficiary.

Koetsu-chawan-copyTo illustrate ways that such influences carry down to today, we served tea to 72 guests over three sessions using copies of two of Kōetsu’s tea bowls for the first and second guests at each session and answered questions from the guests and other observers about tea and the presentation.

At the end of each session, the Freer|Sackler Gallery’s Senior Curator of Japanese Art, James Ulak, and Curator of Ceramics, Louise Cort, gave a brief overview of the exhibit and its connection to the tea ceremony.