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Princeton Marriott Hotel at Forrestal(100 College Road East, Princeton, NJ 08540)にて開催されます。

Workshop/Ippan 一般講習会 at NYAC
Workshop/Ippan 一般講習会 at NYAC

7月21日(金)  教授者講習会
7月22日(土)     資格者講習会
7月23日(日)    一般講習会





2017年7月22日 午後3:30 ~  市民茶会

The 2015 Omotesenke Domonkai US Eastern Region Study Session and General Meeting will be held at Princeton Marriott Hotel at Forrestal(100 College Road East, Princeton, NJ 08540)

July 21 (Friday) Kyojusha (Active Teachers) Study Session
July 22 (Friday) Shikakusha (Certificate Holders) Study Session
July 23 (Sunday) Study Session for General Members

In addition to a student’s regular study with his or her teacher, the annual Study Session is an opportunity to receive instruction directly from an instructor delegated by Headquarters.
The Eastern Region has established separate Sessions for active teachers, certificate holders and general members.

For information about Study Sessions, please seethe Official HP of Omotesenke Fushinan, below:

For information on past Study Sessions, please see the blog below:
*Koshukai link

Since this year marks the 5th Anniversary of the Eastern Region, a memorial banquet is planned.

A Public Tea will also be held. All are welcome to join us for sweets and a tasty cup of tea.
For questions and reservations, please reach us at:

Shofuso Japanese House and Garden Tea Ceremony on May 21 (Saturday) 2016

Shofuso Japanese House and Garden is a traditional-style Japanese house and nationally-ranked garden in Philadelphia’s West Fairmount Park.


Shofuso was built in Japan in 1953 using traditional techniques and materials and exhibited in the courtyard at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It was moved to Philadelphia in 1958, to the site of several previous Japanese structures dating to the 1876 Centennial Exposition. In 2007, internationally renowned artist Hiroshi Senju, inspired by waterfalls, donated 20 murals to Shofuso. A viewing garden with koi pond and island, a tea garden and a courtyard garden comprise the 17th century-style Japanese walled and fenced garden.


The members of the Omotesenke School of Tea in Philadelphia invite you to join us for a bowl of tea. With the beautiful Shofuso tea house and Shoin room in the main house as the backdrop, we want to share our love of the art of Tea (chanoyu, the Tea Ceremony).


May 21 (Saturday)


Thin Tea in the Shoin room of the main house. (Chairs are available for the Shoin service)

11:15 Domon-kai Members Seating

1:00   Open Seating

2:30   Open Seating


Thick Tea in the Tea Room (called the Masudoko seki. Tatami only)

12:00 Domon-kai Members seating

1:00   Open Seating

2:30   Open Seating

3:45   Domon-kai Members seating


For tickets. please contact the Shofuso:


Shofuso Japanese House and Garden:

Horticultural and Lansdowne Drives, Philadelphia, PA 19131

Phone: 215-878-5097


Domon-kai Members, please contact Kiyoko Heineken, kiyokoh@Princeton.EDU




NY・PA地区共催による支部初釜を、ニューヨークキタノホテルにて、無事、開催・終了した 。






軸 「福禄寿」

花入 丹波焼 市野新右エ門作

花  レンギョウ 椿

釜 阿弥陀釜

水指 手桶 真塗

茶入 「古都」信楽肩付  保庭楽入作

茶碗 嶋台茶碗

茶杓 「佳日」大徳寺瑞峯院 前田昌道作

菓子 「桜衣」源吉兆庵製

茶 「雲井の昔」碧翠園


軸 「福寿」大徳寺瑞峯院 吉田桂堂和尚書

花入 青竹

花  結び柳 椿

風炉 朝鮮切合風炉 高橋敬典作

風炉先屏風 如心斎好 捻り梅

長板 真塗

水指 高麗青磁 石岩窯 霊哲作

茶器 老松蒔絵平棗 浜田智斎作

茶碗 「木守」長次郎写  後醍焼

 替 「三友文」干支申 西村徳泉

茶杓 清山作 「蔦の図」蒔絵

菓子器 瓢盆 九代西村彦兵衛作

干菓子 「ふうせん」末冨製

    和三盆 会員手作

茶  「都の富士」碧翠園

廊下床 而妙斎筆舞扇 「一華開五歯」東部支部発会記念